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Multifunctional Portable High-Voltage Solar Insect Killer

Multifunctional Portable High-Voltage Solar Insect Killer
Product Detailed

Portable High-Voltage Solar Insect Killer
Kill pests with high-voltage
For home use or garden use
CE with patent

Name: Intelligent Solar Insect Killer

Structure and principle :

With the application of weak-light solar panel, maintenance-free lead acid, Ni-MH battery, this insect killer can transfer sunlight into electricity and storage it. It overcomes the disadvantages of traditional method of killing insects with black lights, and takes advantage of best wavelength and light resonance principle to kill pests in the light of phototoxic and nocturnal habits of them. This machine is named Insects Night Club, Insects Killing Weapon Without Using Chemicals. 

Characteristic :


Control function


High tech with Electronics, Physics, Electrochemistry, Optics, Biology, and Botany.

Light Control: Auto-charge at daytime by solarRain Control: Auto-shutdown system when rains to protect machine and save energy.Time Control: Auto light on at 20:00 and light off at 2:00, cause after 2:00 most beneficial insects going outOver-charge Protection: While full-charged in daytime, Auto-close the system to protect battery. Anti-thief: When moved, it will phone to the owner with chips in the battery.


1. This machine requires no chemicals or supervision of humans, saves environment and energy. 

2. When the water container is full of pests, change the water by adding a small amount of washing power into it.

Wide application 

With wide application in killing pests for most crops

Such as:   Rice, Peanut, Vegetable, Melon, Soybean, Corn, Tea tree, Cotton, Tobacco, Grapes, Cucumber, Strawberry, Lychee, Orchard, Flowers, Coffee, Woods, Greenhouse, Fish pond, House Garden etc.

 Wide covered area 

One set of this insect killer can cover 12,000M2 to 18,000 M2 of crops. It can be used for 7 to 10 years.


Its killing rate reaches more than 85%


1. Kill pests: This machine can effectively kill various pests, especially those with strong anti-chemicals abilities, such as white fly, trips, drosophila, grasshopper etc.

2. Protect beneficial insects: It can effectively protect the natural enemies of pests such as aphis cocoon bee, the aphis nusca, dragonfly, mantis, black spider etc by using special light wave and intelligent time control.


Besides killing various pests on farms, this machine can also kill mosquito, house fly, cockroach etc.

 Human friendliness 

The ideas of this machine fall into the industrial policies of central government, for it requires no electric wire or conventional energy but takes advantage of recyclable solar.

This series of pest killers have been patented domestically honored The Certificate of Spark Program Project issued by Ministry of Science & Technology of China, and awarded CE certificate.

Photos of pest-killing efectiveness


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