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Electric Mosquito Killer Light

Electric Mosquito Killer Light
Product Detailed

1.Low noise
2.Purifying air
4.Super anti-mosquito effect
5.Long life

The "Catch All" Photocatalysis mosquito killer works as followed:


Hazard free UV light triggers photocatalyst produces carbon dioxide and moist air. Fan generated breezes, lamps produce spectra which tempts the mosquito and temperature, completely imitates the buman's breath, become a mosquito target tracking. Bionic trap to achieve.


Moreover, photocatalyst can absorb formaldehyde and other toxic gases, is a new generation of environmental-friendly and efficient mosquito killer.



1. Low noise: Ultra-quiet fan to minimize the noise. Mosquitoes are attracted to the repository and are air dried and dehydrated to death. There is no "PAPA" sounds like using eletroshock mosquitoes catchers, and there is no high voltage, so it's very safe and quiet.

2. Purifying air: High concentrations of photocatalyst can absorb more harmful gases.

3.Disinfection: UV light can kill harmful bacteria in the air.

4.Super anti-mosquito effect: Live mosquito which was captured in the mosquitoes storeroom will send out chemical information to attract the same, can continuously capture the surrounding blood-sucking felmale mosquitoes. To interrupt the mosquito breeding cycle group. completely eliminate mosquitoes.

5.Long life: This device use long-life CCFL tube, soft light doesn't affect sleep, and may also offering nightlight.

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